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This Woman's House Was About To Be Bulldozed for a Foxconn Factory. Here's How That Went.

Everyone in the village of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, gave in — except Kim Mahoney.
Valerie Kipnis
Billie Brownstein
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Ain't No Party Like A Taiwanese Hot Pot Party

Load your plates with meat, dumplings, noodles, and veggies, and prep your savory bone broth. It's hot pot weather.
Munchies Staff

I Soaked in Coffee-Flavored Hot Springs and a Sweet Potato Sauna in Taiwan

The Chuan Tang Spring Spa Hotel features pools flavored with coffee, tea, milk, lemongrass, and Chinese herbs, giving me the feeling of being slowly cooked in a vat of chicken broth.
Clarissa Wei

Sink Your Teeth into These Squid Ink Garlic Buns

On any given day, this outpost of a popular Taiwanese bakery franchise in Pasadena, California churns out anywhere from 2,000 to 3,500 pieces of bread, including these pitch black "Japanese Calamari Sticks."
Javier Cabral

The Dragon Boat Festival Is an Excuse to Feast on Glutinous Rice Dumplings

Eaten during the annual Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi is a tetrahedral glutinous rice dumpling of Chinese origin that's wrapped in bamboo leaves and stuffed with pork, salted duck egg yolk, dried shiitakes, and more.
Clarissa Wei

Real-Deal Grass Jelly Shouldn't Come Out of a Can

In the US, the Asian dessert known as grass jelly comes in cans and is devoid of flavor. The actual stuff, however, is fragrantly sweet and smoky, and the perfect thing to slurp down in summer heat.
Clarissa Wei

Foraging and Pig Hunting Still Sustain One of Taiwan's Most Remote Aboriginal Villages

The population of Smangus—an aboriginal village in a remote region of Taiwan—is only 178. There, the townspeople keep their indigenous language alive, forage for mushrooms and bamboo, and throw a party every time a wild pig is caught.
Clarissa Wei

The Not-Quite-American Feeling of Being a 1.5 Generation Immigrant

When you move to a new country as a kid, you never fully fit in with your home culture or your adopted culture.
Chin Lu

This Ice Cream Turns Into a Pile of Edible Lace

Meet snow ice, the beautiful, undiscovered lovechild that ice cream and shaved ice had in the streets of Taiwan. It's practically an edible version of Picasso’s portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler with its jagged, razor blade-shaved ribboned texture.
Javier Cabral

Taiwanese Auteur Tsai Ming-liang's Ode to Adolescence, 'Rebels of the Neon God,' Comes to US Theaters

Finally receiving a proper theatrical release in the US 23 years after it was made, Rebels of the Neon God is a fitting introduction to Tsai's singular style and a haunting work.
Michael Nordine

This Taiwanese Food Term Will Change the Way You Look at Gummy Candy

"Rubbery” is almost like a swear word in the culinary world, but that may be a narrow view of a quality that can actually be desirable in cooking: the “Q texture.”
Munchies Staff

Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 3

Eddie learns the subtleties of Sichuan cooking from master chef Yu, visits the sculpture factory of artist Deng Le, and climbs into a treehouse parlor to discover Taiwanese tea-pouring.
Eddie Huang