Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas. So People Are Shooting Them from Helicopters.

Did someone say 30 to 50 feral hogs? More like 6-9 million.


Venezuela’s Losing Its War on Infectious Diseases

“Before, we exported oil. Now, unfortunately we are exporting diseases.”


‘Howdy Modi’: India’s Prime Minister Threw a Right-Wing Blowout with Trump at a Football Stadium in Texas

Trump is courting Indian-Americans who love Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nationalist policies.


Trump Keeps Saying He’s Never Heard of a Category 5 Hurricane

There've been 45 in his lifetime, 7 since he's been in office.


You Don’t Need Deepfakes to Make Celebrities Say Anything, Just Some Money

For his forthcoming book, 'We Were Promised Flying Cars,' Kareem Rahma got celebrities to read a series of his haikus.


This 14-Year-Old Climate Activist Is Giving Up School to Save the World

"World leaders have failed us," says 8th grader Alexandria Villaseñor.


Trump Says if You Don’t Love America, Leave it. Newsflash: He's Been Bashing the U.S. for Years.

"If you're not happy in the U.S., if you're complaining all the time, very simply, you can leave. You can leave right now."


The Town at the Epicenter of California’s Massive Earthquake Feels Forgotten

"I'm young, I just got this house, I worked hard for this house, and now an earthquake is possibly going to take it out."


White Man's Son Pleads with Him Not to Call the Cops on Black Man: "Daddy, Let's Just Go"

The black man was waiting for a friend outside a San Francisco apartment building on July 4.


Female Genital Mutilation Is Happening in the U.S. These Survivors Are Fighting to Stop It.

A national ban on the practice was struck down, and Trump's DOJ isn't defending it.


Baseball Teams, Beware: Coming for AOC Could Lose You Beer Sponsorships

It turns out if you lump Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in with Kim Jong Un, there are consequences.


Black Woman Shouts That She’s Pregnant Before Texas Cop Fatally Shoots Her, Video Shows

Police said she gained control of the officer's Taser and used it against him.