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Why the ‘Selfie of the Year’ Might Do Wonders for Endangered Gorillas

The latest selfie breaking the internet is garnering great support for an anti-poaching group in Congo.
Shamani Joshi
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Unsurprisingly, Someone Almost Got Axed at an Axe-Throwing Bar

This footage is straight out of 'Final Destination.'
River Donaghey

These Old Cheesing Videos Are Way Better Than Any of This New Baby Nonsense

Watch and learn.
Peter Slattery
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'Egg Is Just an Egg,' Says Man Who Photographed World’s Most Famous Egg

"My goal was to take a simple picture of an egg. For fun. Never ever I could think that it would be a sensation like this."
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Five Questions for the Guy Who Licked a Stranger’s Doorbell for Three Hours

Why the doorbell and not the doorknob? Is it because of taste?
Mack Lamoureux

Please Let Snoop Dogg Adopt This Dog Named Snoop

It’s kismet.
Kara Weisenstein
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Bitter-Ass Dude Finally Opens Gift from Ex-Girlfriend and the Gift Was Love

We finally get to know what was in the gift Adrian Pearce received right before his girlfriend dumped his ass nearly 50 years ago.
Mack Lamoureux
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We Found the Teen Behind That Secret, Viral Shrine to Danny DeVito

"Because of all the trash—if you know 'Always Sunny,' you know that Danny DeVito is known as like the trash man—I was like, 'This is just the perfect person to go with.'"
Drew Schwartz

Andreas Wannerstedt’s ‘Oddly Satisfying’ Animations Are Internet Gold

We can’t stop watching these.
Peter Slattery

Meet the Hero Who Fought Off Thieves with a Bong

We talked to Joshua Lewis-Brant, the man who has been dubbed as the “bong ninja” by his customers.
Mack Lamoureux
Internet Exploring

Talking to the People Who Promote Their Soundcloud With Viral Tweets

"Wow, this blew up lol. Well since y’all here *check out my music*"
Alex Ekong
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Missy Elliott Rapped with the 'Work It' Karaoke Lady and It Was Perfect

All hail Mrs. Funky White Sister.
River Donaghey