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Walmart Asked Gun Owners to Stop Carrying Guns in Their Stores. This Group Is Defying Them.

They say Walmart's request is just an attempt to "get the gun haters to leave them alone.”
Tess Owen

Stores Are Banning Guns Because the Government Won’t

Kroger and Walmart are asking customers to stop openly carrying guns while shopping.
Allie Conti

Walmart Is Ending the Sale of Most Ammo and Would Like You to Leave Your Gun at Home

A big statement on guns from the nation's largest retailer.
Tess Owen
gun violence

Shooting Incidents Keep Happening at Walmarts After El Paso. They Still Won’t Stop Selling Guns.

A 20-year-old white man with a loaded rifle and body armor sparked chaos at a Missouri Walmart, the latest in a spate of incidents
Emma Ockerman
Games News

Walmart Removes Violent Video Game Signage, Still Sells Guns

The retailer is asking employees to take down signage and playable demos for violent video games, as well as hunting videos, in the wake of shootings at two of its stores.
Nicole Carpenter
Mass Shootings

Someone Pulled a Gun in a Walmart In Louisiana and Everyone Panicked

Americans are on edge after a week of horrific gun violence. Panic struck in New York and Utah, too.
Trone Dowd
El Paso shooting

Trump Stuck El Paso with a $470,000 Bill. Local Lawmakers Don’t Want Him Coming Back.

Local officials aren’t happy about the prospect of another visit from the president in the wake of Saturday’s mass shooting.
Alex Lubben
El Paso

2 More People Have Died From the El Paso Shooting

The newly deceased have not yet been named, and it’s not clear what their injuries included.
Emma Ockerman

Cloudflare Boots 8chan as a Customer

Cloudflare's move comes after multiple mass shooters have posted so-called manifestos to the anonymous message board.
Joseph Cox

How Anarchists Helped Californian Fire Refugees in a Walmart Parking Lot

They say "mutual aid" is a better model for providing aid than traditional top-down charity work.
Erin Corbett
climate refugees

California Wildfires Have Created Climate Refugees in a Walmart Parking Lot

California's Camp Fire has destroyed about 9,000 homes, creating climate refugees inside the state.
Caroline Haskins

81 Stores That Are Doing Us All a Favor by Staying Closed on Thanksgiving

Black Friday will be here soon enough.
FREE Staff