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background checks

The Charleston Shooter Should Never Have Been Able to Get a Gun. Now, Victims' Families Can Sue the Government Over It.

A federal court reversed a ruling that argued the government couldn’t be held responsible for background-check loopholes.
Tess Owen

Cloudflare Boots 8chan as a Customer

Cloudflare's move comes after multiple mass shooters have posted so-called manifestos to the anonymous message board.
Joseph Cox
White supremacists

U.S. Marshals Are Hunting For a New Aryan Empire Leader Who Escaped From Jail

The white supremacist gang killed a government informant who ratted out their methamphetamine enterprise
Trone Dowd
White Nationalism

A Coast Guard lieutenant allegedly wanted to start a "race war." He won't face terrorism charges.

Prosecutors have repeatedly referred to him as a “domestic terrorist” who poses a “substantial risk of danger to the community.”
Tess Owen

Charlottesville car attacker James Alex Fields pleads guilty to 29 federal hate crimes

The plea might have allowed him to dodge the death penalty.
Tess Owen
mosque attacks

New Zealand prime minister vows to keep the mosque shooter "nameless"

"He may have sought notoriety, but we in New Zealand will give him nothing—not even his name.”
Emma Ockerman

Alabama publisher calls for KKK to ride again and "clean up D.C."

He's even suggesting lynching the “socialist-communists.”
Emma Ockerman

White supremacist admits he wanted to start a race war by murdering a black man with a sword

James Jackson pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of murder, terrorism, and a hate crime.
Rex Santus

The VA's diversity chief wanted to condemn white supremacists. Her Trump-appointed boss blocked it.

John Ullyot offered an alternative, watered-down statement that removed all references to white supremacy
Tess Owen
domestic terror

Neo-Nazi convicted for domestic terror on Amtrak train was part of Unite the Right rally

The 25-year-old was marching in khakis in Charlottesville two months before he stopped an Amtrak in Nebraska to “save the train from black people.”
Tess Owen

White supremacist fight club members slapped with federal riot charges from Charlottesville

The criminal complaints were filed in late August and unsealed Tuesday.
Tess Owen
Confederate Monuments

Watch 200 people knock over Confederate statue “Silent Sam”

Videos posted to Twitter show the statue draped in banners and toppling to the ground Monday night amid cheering and applause.
Emma Ockerman