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Athletic Women Share the Worst Things People Have Said to Them

"I've been called a man and a bull and told that no guy will ever want to go out with me."
Alba Carreres
4 hours ago

'Terror,' Today's Comic by Nina Vandenbempt

Nina illustrates the hormonal phases most women go through over the span of a month.
Nina Vandenbempt

Colleges Are Going About Consent Education All Wrong

In her new book 'Consent on Campus,' Donna Freitas argues it's up to universities to challenge hookup culture and champion consent.
Hope Reese
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Man Went Around Shooting Female Drivers He Thought Were 'Incompetent,' Cops Say

Nicholas D'Agostino told a local news channel he shot at the women in self-defense.
Allie Conti

Two New Skate Films Are Subverting Gender Norms

The girls of 'Skate Kitchen' and boys of 'Minding the Gap' both get to be brave and vulnerable, cocky and complex.
Eileen G'Sell

How to Be a Great Third in a Threesome

A complete guide to finding your inner unicorn.
Allison Tierney

Inside the All-Women Training Camp Where Guns Are Sold as Empowerment

Hundreds of American women traveled to the A Girl and A Gun conference in Texas to learn how to shoot in self-defense, protect their kids, and fire machine guns from a helicopter.
Manisha Krishnan
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Inside the Lucrative World of Female Muscle Worship

Male "schmoes" provide a livelihood for the muscular women they worship who are now too big to compete in most bodybuilding championships.
Lucas Oakeley
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Why More Women Are Buying Guns in America

On this episode, we talk to reporter Manisha Krishnan about how women use guns in the US.
VICE Staff

You Need to See 'Girlfriends,' the First Film to Really Tackle Female Friendship

The 1978 cult classic is beloved by Lena Dunham, Greta Gerwig, and Wes Anderson.
Elyssa Goodman
daily vice

Inside the Growing Men's Rights Movement in India

We met up with the activists and founder of SIFF, a leading men's rights organization taking cues from America's men's rights activists.
VICE Staff

Powerful Photographs Challenging Gender Roles in an Indian Martial Arts School

Photographer Nadja Wohlleben's new series 'A Sword & A Sari' explores self-defense and female empowerment in the Republic of India
Nadja Wohlleben