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Selvfølgelig handler Father John Mistys nye sang "Mr. Tillman" om ham selv

J. Tillman har velsignet os med endnu et meta-narrativ i en ny folk-sang, som vi kan fundere over, mens han forbereder sig på sit 2018-album.
Phil Witmer
The Music Issue 2017

Klaus Lynggaards playliste understreger, hvor cool han er

Lad forfatteren skole dig i, hvordan man sammensætter fem møgseje tracks.
Lars Jellestad
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Father John Misty har fordømt alle musikblogs

Noisey er her til at høre dine bønner i denne svære tid.
Lauren O'Neill
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Father John Misty synger om at knalde Taylor Swift i virtual reality i ny single

“Hvis du ikke tror, at hele den her virtual reality-bølge kommer til at munde ud i sex med kendisser, så lyver du for dig selv,” siger Father John.
Alex Robert Ross
festivals 2016

The Scenes of Bonnaroo 2016's Final Day: Chasing Chance The Rapper, and Basking in Dead and Company

Plus check out Father John Misty, and fans taking in the fest's final hours.
John Hill
Internet Exploring

Submerge Yourself In The Awkwardness Of This Car Crash Father John Misty Interview

Let's face it, the best interviews are always the ones that sound like everyone involved is withering up and dying inside.
Daisy Jones
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Some Fucking Genius Mashed Up Drake and Father John Misty and Holy Shit It’s Lit

Alas, a good samaritan has given us a good Drake mash-up.
Jabbari Weekes
Holy Shit

Father John Misty Covers Rihanna's "Kiss It Better" and It's Actually Really Good?

Live videos usually suck, but this one doesn't!
Noisey Staff
The Brit Awards 2016

The Biggest WTFs from the Brit Awards 2016

Between Ant and Dec's urinal banter and everyone giving fictional man Keith Lemon a shout out for some reason, there were a few brief moments of magic.
Emma Garland
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Lana Del Rey and Father John Misty Take Acid and Then Get All Zayn and Gigi in the Video for "Freak"

11 minutes of strained-eye sepia haziness, slow-mo shots of blissed-out transcendence, underwater angels, and loads of good looking people.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Scar Your Children for Life with Father John Misty's New Lullaby

What's your problem, dad?
John Hill
Holy Shit

Father John Misty Wants to Amp You Up with These Rejected Pandora Promos

You would've thrown your adblock out of a window for this beauty.
John Hill