Jeg besøgte Danmarks eneste alterbrødsbageri

I en kælder på Frederiksberg bages der op til tre millioner oblater om året – men hvorfor smager de små brød ikke af noget?


Alt det Yahoo! Answers har lært mig om Danmark

Vores nationalblomst er bacon, og Danmark er et dødkedeligt, socialistisk højsæde for sataniske sammensværgelser.


Jesus Kristus er nu officielt konge af Polen

Kroningen foregik in absentia, da kongen desværre ikke har været i live i cirka 2000 år.


Chance the Rapper Draws His Own Rules with 'Coloring Book'

The Chicago rapper's new mixtape marches to its own beat.


The World’s Biggest Christian Rock/Rap Act Have Announced the Jesus Freak Cruise but Fans Aren’t Happy

DC Talk’s Jesus Freak Cruise will sail on an ocean of tears with fans angry at being priced out of the Caribbean cruise.


Manden, der lod sig korsfæste for penge påskesøndag

Det var en virkelig pinefuld - og vanvittigt akavet - oplevelse. For alle.


Meet the Struggling South African Cult That Tried to Kill Demon Hitler

Bernard Poolman tried to fashion himself as the next L. Ron Hubbard and failed gloriously.


Sneaking Around the Headquarters of Australia’s Most Notorious Cult

In 1987, police raided properties owned by the 'The Family' to confirm they'd beaten, starved and drugged 14 children raised in isolation.


Things You Learn When You Break Up With God

Leaving a religion is like a breakup, a death, and a midlife crisis all at once, except your drinking buddies don't drink because they're religious, and your other friends don't exist.


Meet the Adventuring Psychics Exploring Iceland's Mountains in Search of the Holy Grail

Apparently there's a bit in Dante's Inferno that says the Holy Grail is in a chamber inside a mountain. So these guys are heading off to look for it.


A Pensioner in Nebraska Filed a Handwritten Lawsuit Against All Homosexuals on Behalf of God and Jesus

The 66-year-old Nebraskan wants a judge to declare homosexuality a sin.