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[Music Video] Have a Make-Out Party 'Tim and Eric'–Style

Two words: Doug Lussenhop. Two more words: Kissing cousins. One more word: Nipples.
November 12, 2015, 10:10pm
Screencap via

A sudden rush of heat; blood fills the place between your neck and scalp; another's aura enters your own and flushed flesh meets; supple, bated, unforgiving, unforgettable. Where was your first kiss? If it was anywhere like the den setting Doug Lussenhop's new music video for Babes' "I Want Love," give me a ring and let me know where the next one is.

I'll be watching, waiting for your call.

"I Want Love" is off Babes' Untitled (Five Tears), out now on Barsuk Records. Stream the full album here and click here to visit Doug Lussenhop's website.


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