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Leonce Shares the Ominous, Bouncy "Snakes" in Advance of His New EP

Listen to the latest single off of the Atlanta producer’s forthcoming 'Insurgency.'

Atlanta producer Leonce has distinguished himself with buzzy remixes, ballroom-heavy dancefloor mixes, and innovative, inclusive parties. Now, on his forthcoming EP InsurgencyLeonce lets his talent for futuristic production shine.  Fade to Mind will release the project on limited edition vinyl Wednesday, April 12 and digital Friday, April 21—pre-order here.

Leonce has already dropped the EP's first single "Advent"—we're blessed to premiere the second one, "Snakes." It deftly combines dark and danceable elements, as a digital steel drum  engages in a game of cat and mouse with the track's stark bass line.


We spoke with Leonce over email about his inspiration for Insurgency as well as what makes a good house song. Stream the track and read our Q+A below.

THUMP: You released the EP/mixtape Shadows with your first original material just a few months ago. Were you working on Insurgency at the same time? How did this EP come together?
Leonce: Yeah Shadows and Insurgency came from the same sessions over the last 3 years. I wanted Shadows to be like an introduction and Insurgency to be a more focused project.

How has your sound evolved since the release of your prior mixtapes?
I'm just always going in different directions. I always have a lot of ideas but I don't like to stay glued to any of them for too long.

You describe house music as as "feeling." What do you mean by that?
If it makes you feel excited and it's good then it's house, if it's boring and doesn't make you wanna dance then it's not house. That's what house is to me.

What influences or inspiration did you draw upon for this EP?
It's a collection of my first house tracks mixed to modern club standards. There were a lot of demos to choose from but the ones that ended up making it were mostly the darkest ones, so that's the whole vibe of the record.

The track you shared with us today, "Snakes," seems to have a minimalist house backbone, but also a tropical feel. Is there a story behind the creation of this track?
I just loaded up some sounds I liked and jammed and mixed the track out in a hour or so. Pretty much the entire record got made like that, spontaneous jams with different vibes that I just went with.