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Lost Wreckage

A catalogue of the weirdest wreckage that’s been found after natural disasters. From severed human feet found in Canada from the tsunami of 2004, washed up Harley Davidsons in Oregon from Fukushima, to ghost ships in Alaska, we look at where they were...

If natural disasters were people they’d be sociopaths with a penchant for emotionless carnage and hiding things in really inconvenient places. They’re not only Mother Nature’s hitmen, but they’re the biggest dicks ever to play a game of hide and seek with your shit. Like ruining lives and communities in one fell swoop isn’t already enough, weeks and even years after natural disasters have happened people will still find eerie leftover debris in really faraway places. Here are some of the weirdest things found after a natural disaster struck. 


Perfectly Plucked Chickens

Over the years tornadoes have sucked a lot of things and people up and then thrown them around arbitrarily, which has included Dorothy impersonators and infants riding twisters for ten miles and then living. What there hasn’t been that much of are live chickens being found completely plucked, like on June 18th, 1939 in Anoka, Minnesota when featherless chickens were found miles away from their coop after a tornado. Instead of being all mutilated and dead like you’d expect, the featherless chickens were, otherwise, perfectly healthy.

This guy was really pissed off at that plucked chicken.

Ghost Boat

After the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck Fukushima prefecture in Japan unleashed a tidal wave tsunami, 1.5 million tonnes of debris washed into the ocean and it’s since been slowly making its way across the Pacific headed directly for the North American Coastline. The majority of it is set to land in 2014, but already some uncanny Davey Jones ghost boat was spotted along the Alaskan coast, just drifting along, probably commandeered by an undead pirate. The boat was once a fishing vessel before this apocalyptic episode made everyone abandon ship. It was eventually torpedoed to the bottom of the ocean by the US Navy in early 2012. Apparently, it won’t be the last as another 100 derelict vessels are predicted to float ashore from Japan over the next two years, among other things like a washed up Harley Davidson just a few weeks ago.


Severed Human Feet

Other than smashing the coastlines of South East Asia with an eighty foot wall of seawater, the now infamous 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami went as far as two kilometres inland sucking debris (and people) back into the middle of the Ocean once it retracted. Ever since, there’s been an ominous influx of human feet that’s been washing up on Canada’s west coast shoreline near Vancouver that may belong to victims of the Asian tsunami. While some critics consider the ocean journey to be too far-fetched, others have avidly theorized that the corpses travelled the root of the Pacific Ocean’s northern currents after the tsunami. On the way, the bodies were eaten by fish until only the feet remained, safely encased in rubber shoes. In support of the theory, apparently most of the shoes to wash up were made before 2004, a fact people who want to be wierded the fuck out quickly endorse. Oceanographers are also expecting another fresh wave of severed feet from the Fukushima disaster.

Literally looks like a goofy prop from Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Psychic Animals

This one isn’t so much about the aftermath of a natural disaster, but the peculiar shit that precedes one. It was reported before the Tokyo earthquake of 1923 that schools of catfish were surfacing in ponds refusing to dive down and eat trash like they normally do, while mice ran the streets in mini-herds towards Mount Fuji. A few days later 200,000 people died in the deadliest earthquake in Japanese history. After that, Japanese scientists tried to prove there was a correlation between animals packing their shit and skipping town and impending doom. Their chance came in 1995 when seismologists observed mice scratching their faces and running in circles inside their cages the day before the Kobe earthquake. Turns out mice, and potentially other animals, can sense preseismic signals that send them into a survival frenzy. So if you see a herd of mice running for their lives, follow them.

Even though we have the internet and seismographs, tiny mammals totally saw this coming and we couldn't figure out our ass from our elbow.