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Bask In The Eerie Simplicity Of Microscopic Worlds With 'Confluence'

The newest video from Noah Shulman and Timur Civan brings miniature worlds to life.

Sometimes, the most stunning images are hidden in the tiniest details. Confluence, the new short film from director/editor Noah Shulman and DP Timur Civan, explores particular interactions on a microscopic level, breathing life into unseen worlds and light where there was once darkness.

All images captured from Confluence. 

From DP Timur Civan: "A convergence of two streams or flows into one point.

This film explores microscopic worlds, structures and meanings that exist beyond the naked eye. Confluence was shot using speciality macro lenses and microscopes shot in 4K resolution to bring a hyper-realistic image to life."


The film was created as part of the Mental Fabrications exhibit at Harvestworks, curated by architect Ion Popian, and shown in conjunction with another film by Shulman, Genesis 3D (watch the behind-the-scenes below).

Enjoy Confluence, and in the comments, see if you can identify the surfaces and chemical reactions captured to bring this macro mini-movie to life.

Check out more of Civan's eye-opening work on the artist and director of photography's website

Images captured from "Confluence" video.