Delightful Short Doc Shows Everything Less-Than-Delightful About Sundance

Fear and loathing is alive in Utah in John Wilson's acerbic 'Escape From Park City.'
April 13, 2017, 9:16pm

It's late January, you're knees-deep in wet snow in near-blizzard freezing weather, you've been standing in the same goddamn ticket line for four fucking hours, and it could not get better than this: Sundance.

It may sound like a film industry in-joke, but the realities of the Sundance Film Festival are all but inescapable in a new film from DIY documentary didact, John Wilson. The nearly seven-minute Escape From Park City, which premiered on Vimeo two days ago, is basically a survivor's testimony of all the festival has to offer, told from the POV of somebody who couldn't get in. From Sundance founder Robert Redford to the attendees who are only there to take a selfie with him, no festivalgoer is spared from Wilson's "cheap camera."

In fact, we genuinely hope Redford himself sees the film, if only for the line Wilson drops from inside the Sundance "VR Palace": "It's nice to know that, if you have enough money, you can pretend to be locked in a jail cell for a day. Or sink into a comfy chair and pretend to shoot up a nightclub."

Watch Escape From Park City below:

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