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You Control The Lights At This Illuminating Interactive Installation

Iregular's latest installation uses interactive projection mapping to probe the depths of contemplation.

Images courtesy of Iregular

As evidenced by their city-exploring ball and theirgiant projection-mapped touch screens, the use of combinations of light, sound, and sensors to create larger than life interactive experiences is Iregular's forte. For new project, SURFACE & BOTTOM, the design firm brought a subtly personal feel to the projection mapping experience.

A two-part installation, the piece was conceived whilst the team was "thinking and reflecting on what we do, why we do it, and what we want to do." SURFACE, the first part of the project, features the firm's signature projection-mapping setup. By tweaking, bending, and wiggling tubes controlled by an infrared laser sensor and X-Agora’s Scanner CV, visitors can induce the installation's illuminated tubes to pulse with light and sound.


BOTTOM centers around an interactive wooden plank outfitted with a series of hypersensitive microphones. When visitors mark the plank with chalk, geometric projection-mapped shapes drift along a wall beside them. Depending on the level of friction detected by BOTTOM's microphones, the images might manifest as fast-moving rectangular sparks, or traveling streaks reminiscent of the game Snake.

The two parts of the installation face each other, making the whole space just as interactive as the interfaces themselves. "The exploration of this space is a metaphor to the thought process of searching for meaning and depth," Daniel Iregui, the man behind SURFACE & BOTTOM'S concept, design, and visuals, told The Creators Project.

Perhaps the interactive installation signals a turning point in Iregular's scope and style—we'd love to see how they turn their recently contemplativeattitudes toward something like their eye-popping Centros visuals from last winter.Watch SURFACE & BOTTOM above, and check out more images from the installation, currently housed the Salón de Proyectos Ágape in Bogotá, below:

For more vividly projection-mapped, LED infused installations, visit Iregular's portfolio site.


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