God Bless Ariana Grande's Small Pig, Piggy Smalls

The pop star's pet made her debut as the star of "breathin'" and it's the cutest thing you'll see all day.
Queens, US
Screenshot from 'breathin'"

Ariana Grande is so busy these days she doesn't have time to star in her own videos anymore. Or at least, that's what she intimated in an Instagram post yesterday. She'd already given us "God is a woman," the celestial visual which birthed a million or so essays labeling it a feminist manifesto, so there was some amount of pressure to follow with an equally impressive video for her next single—so instead she gave us a cute stop-gap. For "breathin'," she exchanges the upside down universes and dark treks in the wilderness for an unlikely star: her pet pig. The Sweetener singer considers her piglet Piggy Smalls an emotional support animal, but Smalls is clearly destined for the glamorous life. If her crazy schedule means we'll be getting more footage of the latest addition to the Grande-Davidson household, sign us up. There is so much more we need to know about Piggy Smalls.


While I'm not clear exactly on pig-child labor laws—and it does seem kinda weird to immediately monetize your emotional support animal—"breathin'" is a small blessing. It's nothing more than a few short clips of Piggy walking around on a loop, but frankly, in this cruel world, that is more than enough. Piggy's eyelashes are dramatic as hell, and the only thing it's missing is a high ponytail like mama's. The Sweetener track is a declaration against being anxiety-ridden, and Ariana's switch is a nice reminder that sometimes you have to remember to take a seat.

Here's to hoping the piglet is being treated well because celebrities and exotic pets have a complicated history. It wasn't that long ago that Swae Lee admitted his pet monkey has probably been contact high. Piggy is a star and deserves the love the Grande-Davidson household has to give.

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