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Dear Vice,
It's funny that the Observer and Gawker have picked up on the walking disaster that is Kari Ferrell (aka The Filth), because just this weekend I spotted her at a Webcomics panel at the 303 Grand art space in Brooklyn. The event was called "Titans of Small Town," and featured the authors of Dinosaur Comics, Dr. McNinja, and A Softer World. The handsome Joey Comeau, like his Softer World, proved to be provocative and hilarious--the perfect candidate for Farrel to worm her felonious, manipulative fingers into. At one point, she was putting her hands around his shoulders and actually rubbing the stubble on his face. I'm sorry that I didn't have my camera on me [the above picture is an early sighting in New York from October 08 - ed], but the image still burns my eyes and hinders my ability to enjoy A Softer World now. For a guy who publishes comics on the web, you'd think he would've maybe, you know, used it before.
Your intern,

Thanks for the update, Ryan. We also just got a Myspace conversation from some guy who Kari allegedly baby-scared that we are in the process of hoax-checking. This bitch is rapidly turning into a Brooklynian Where's Waldo meets Nessie, with just a sprinkling of Josie Packard.