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Lil Yachty Brings Out the Whole Squad in His New Video For “All In”

Lil Yachty and his sailing team (yes, he has a sailing team - they have t-shirts) bounce around on a school bus beneath a perfect blue sky. Hooray!
Daisy Jones
London, GB

There are a lot of things about Lil Yachty that should make us go “…huh.” His new track “All In” sounds like a damn Nursery rhyme (tell me another rap that puts “South Korea” with “Macarena”). He talks to cardboard cut outs of boy bands. Sometimes, he sings with this lumpy falsetto and it sounds like when you’re alone in the house and try and sing the high note in “Loving You”. In an interview with Noisey earlier this year, we had to explain to him what GIFs are. He dresses kinda like Rosie and Jim. But it’s these things that also make Lil Yachty the dopest of them all. That is a fact that you cannot deny.,


All of which is to say: he just released a new video for “All In” and it is very enjoyable to watch. It was directed by Petra Collins, as in, the artist, photographer and all-round internet queen who also directed Carly Rae Jepson’s glittery video for “Boy Problems”, Heaven’s equally colourful “Trust” (which we premiered on Noisey way back when), and a 14-minute film about Lil Yachty himself called "Keep Sailing". In this particular video, Lil Yachty brings out the whole sailing team (yes, he has a sailing team. They have t-shirts) and they bounce around on a school bus and fling around their beautiful hair beneath a perfect blue sky.

Watch below: