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Be the first to hear four new cuts from Mad Tech Records' '001-010' Compilation.
December 9, 2013, 10:00pm

Kerri Chandler' Mad Tech Records is one of the most criminally slept-on record labels of 2013. With one foot in sugar-sweet tech-house grooves and another in the angular contours of garage and futuristic bass music, these records defy expectation without clearing the dancefloor.

They're rounding out 2013 with their 001-010 compilation, which collects some favorites from the year's catalogue and introduces some new exclusives, including remixes by London visionary Thefft, UK funky badbwoys Ill Blu, and Southern Fried Records house head Kashii. Plus a new dub from Kerri Chandler himself, who—you know, helped birth house music or whatever? Go listen and thank us later.

Mad Tech Records' 001-010 compilation is out December 16.