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Monthly Horoscope: Aries, September 2020

This is a busy time of year for you, Aries!
September 1, 2020, 12:37pm
Virgo and Libra
Robin Eisenberg

Welcome to Virgo season, Aries! This is a busy time of year for you as the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals. This is a great time to kick a bad habit and rework your schedule so you feel better equipped to tackle your day. Health and wellness are on your mind, and as the sun moves through one of the great healers of the zodiac, Virgo, you’re thinking about how you can better take care of yourself. This is also a great moment to spend time in nature. You’re getting organized, and whether or not you’re in school, this is a fun time to shop for new supplies: new pens, fresh notebooks, the works! An especially productive energy flows on September 1 when Mercury in Virgo mingles with power planet Pluto in Capricorn—it’s a fantastic day for your career and making important moves!


Virgo is a detail-oriented sign, and during this season, you gain new clarity about your life—especially during the full moon in Pisces on September 2, which will brightly illuminate the sector of your chart that rules hidden things, secrets, and your subconscious mind. This is a powerful time to explore unknown and repressed parts of yourself—also known as your “shadow”—in therapy and through meditation, journaling, and working with your dreams. Full moons are emotional periods that are all about release. You’re letting go of old patterns at this time, dear Aries, so be ready to shed the past. 

An interesting aspect of this full moon is that it’s heavily about boundaries and freedom when Venus in Cancer opposes taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn and the sun mingles with wildcard Uranus in Taurus. Say no to situations at work or at home that you’re not responsible for or don’t align with your values, and take a risk toward building wealth, security, and independence. Helping you plan solid commitments for the future concerning your career is Mercury’s connection with Saturn on September 3. 

Sweet Venus clashes with your ruling planet Mars, currently in your sign, and connects with chatty Mercury on September 4, making for a fun and playful, yet competitive, atmosphere. You’re making strides toward creating the comfortable home and family life you’re seeking, and there’s simply a cheerful mood in the air as you go about your day. Communication is boosted in your relationships as Mercury enters Libra on September 5. Libra is all about justice and harmony, so your partners are putting in extra effort to express themselves fairly and considerately. Venus then enters fellow fire sign Leo on September 6, igniting passion not only in your love life, but also in your creative endeavors: With charming Mercury in Libra helping communication along and Venus in loyal, open-hearted Leo, your relationships are blessed with joy this month!


Your career and popularity get a boost as the sun connects with Jupiter in Capricorn on September 9. This is certainly a day to mark in your calendar: Mars, your ruling planet, begins its retrograde in your sign, which means that between now and November 13, you will be challenged to keep your impatience and temper in check. Mars is the go-getter of the zodiac, but now it’s time to re-strategize and reconsider your goals. Finding a constructive, healthy way to express and work through your anger is key at this time! It’s also important not to overbook yourself: Giving yourself time to slow down and cool off is the best thing you can do.  

Confusion and a sleepy energy flow on September 11 as the sun opposes Neptune, but uplifting energy arrives as Jupiter retrograde ends on September 12, encouraging you to take on new responsibilities at work, around leadership, and in your life in public. The sun connects with Pluto on September 14, finding you stepping into a brilliant position of power, as well as finding you connecting with VIPs. Fantastic momentum takes place around completing the projects on your to-do list, and you may even have your whole list checked off by the time the new moon in Virgo arrives! But first, Venus—the planet of values—clashes with Uranus—the planet of unpredictability—on September 15, bringing surprises, an unexpected investment, or perhaps an unusual gift that you may give or receive. You may also find that you are craving freedom at this time; inflexible relationships will need to make room for experimentation, or else be ready to face some drama! 

The new moon in Virgo comes on September 17, finding you starting new projects or gigs and beginning a fresh cycle of health and wellness. Also during this new moon, Mercury clashes with Jupiter, finding you and your partners coming up with big ideas that may just pan out—especially since the sun also connects with Saturn on this day, boding well for setting solid plans in motion. Your partners reveal important information on September 21 as Mercury clashes with Pluto, and focus turns squarely to your relationships as Libra season begins on September 22. 

Communication blocks in your partnerships, at work, and in love arise as Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 23. The next day, watch out for arguments and impatience on September 24 as Mercury opposes Mars. A shift in communication also takes place as Mercury enters Scorpio on September 24, finding you and your partners getting real and discussing issues that are often hard to talk about, such as intimacy, money, and grief. Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to be brave as you explore difficult themes. 

Venus connects with Mars on September 28, encouraging a sweet feeling of connectivity before Saturn retrograde ends on September 29, finding you taking on even more responsibilities. But when Mars clashes with Saturn that same day, you’re encouraged to be honest with yourself about what projects are worth your time. As Mars squares off with Saturn, you may feel a heavy energy in the atmosphere—this isn’t the time to force things to happen or make quick fixes. Instead, look at long-term solutions and think back to August 24: What lessons did you learn then that you could use at this time? Similar themes may come up for you to work through. 

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in October!