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Fairy Bread Recipe

Celebrate Australia Day with processed carbs, butter, and sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.
Fairy Bread Recipe

Servings: 8
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes


8 slices fluffy white bread (see Chef's Tip #1)
½ cup unsalted butter (see Chef's Tip #2)
½ cup sprinkles or hundreds and thousands


  1. Butter the bread lavishly and carefully all the way to the crusts; every square millimeter of the bread needs to be slathered evenly with butter. Use exactly 25 percent more butter than you think is strictly necessary.
  2. Remove crusts from bread. What you want is the uniform fluffiness of the white bread uninterrupted by any crustiness. You'll need surgical precision when cutting; you don't want to compress or crush the bread, as this will ruin the fluffy texture.
  3. Cut bread diagonally into two equal triangular halves. What we're after are two large, equally sized, crust-less buttery triangles of white fluffiness. As with the de-crusting, be watchful not to crush the bread.
  4. Sprinkle your sprinkles. Place your fluffy, buttery, white triangles on a serving plate and sprinkle on your sprinkles. As with the butter, you need to cover every square millimetre evenly with sprinkles. A lot of them will end up on your serving plate. Leave them there. This is how we decorate the plate.

Chef's Tip #1: Forget brioche or anything from a boutique bakery, if you want your Fairy Bread to taste as wonderful as it did when you were five years old you need to be strictly old school about this. The temptation nowadays is to be all "foodie" and go gourmet with your ingredients. Like anything authentic, Fairy Bread requires eschewing the fashionable. You'll need to go to a convenience store or supermarket and buy a white sliced loaf. We use TipTop white bread. Not whole grain, not hi fibre, nothing else, just your basic white bread.


Chef's Tip #2. You need something like Western Star full fat butter, and you'll need to have it at room temperature for optimum spreadability.

Chef's Tip #3: For a chocolate variation, add a layer of Nutella before adding the sprinkles.

Recipe courtesy of Ravi Prasad, Parliament on King.

From Australia, We Need to Talk About Fairy Bread

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