Trick Dog

  • Every Cocktail You’ll Need to Survive Thanksgiving

    Get drunk but stay classy with these six cocktails from our favorite bartenders and drink experts around the country. Yes, we have a cocktail that pairs perfectly with pie, and something to help you make peace with Great-Aunt Mildred.

  • Survive the Election Season by Voting for This San Francisco Bar

    Feeling burnt out by electoral backbiting? Refresh yourself at San Francisco's Trick Dog, where you'll find your politically charged drink orders printed on campaign button pins.

  • Ancho in Cider Recipe

    This easy, autumnal highball comes from The Bon Vivants, the cocktail team behind San Francisco's Trick Dog. The spice gets your tastebuds ready for turkey, and the cider tells you it's officially fall. Plus, it can be served hot or cold.