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Experts Want to Give Control of America's Nuclear Missiles to AI

If America is attacked with a nuclear bomb, artificial intelligence would automatically fire back even if we are all dead.
Matthew Gault
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A Viral Chinese Deepfake App Is Sparking a Debate on Privacy

Chinese users jumped at the chance to edit themselves into scenes from shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ but those who have studied the app’s privacy policy say it’s not all fun and games.
Meera Navlakha

Racial Bias in AI Isn’t Getting Better and Neither Are Researchers’ Excuses

Another machine learning algorithm has failed to work for people of color. What is it going to take for this to stop?
Edward Ongweso Jr
Artificial Intelligence

AI Trained on Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed

Scientists used machine learning to reveal new scientific knowledge hidden in old research papers.
Madeleine Gregory
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This Clothing Line Was Designed By AI

'Glitch' is a new company that sells dresses generated by machine learning algorithms.
Rob Dozier
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Machine Learning Identifies Weapons in the Christchurch Attack Video. We Know, We Tried It

It took 29 minutes for a Facebook user to first report the livestream of the Christchurch terrorist. Now a machine learning system spots weapons in the stream with an over 90 percent confidence rating.
Joseph Cox
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Artificial Intelligence Guessed What These Recipes Look Like

These food pictures were generated by a computer, and they look surprisingly edible.
Bettina Makalintal
Artificial Intelligence

Nick Cave on Why AI Will Never Write a Great Song

The prolific musician and author explains why writing a transcendent piece of music remains essentially human.
Nick Cave
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China’s AI News Anchor Makes the News More Boring

A Chinese news agency debuted a news anchor powered by artificial intelligence at the World Internet Conference yesterday.
Caroline Haskins

Ten Wild Jobs That Didn't Exist Ten Years Ago

The job market is changing fast.
Beckett Mufson
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This AI Creates Horrifying Images Based On Your Words

Yay, researchers trained an algorithm to turn your captions into (nightmarish) images.
Sarah Emerson
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A Frightening AI Can Determine Whether a Person Is Gay With 91 Percent Accuracy

“Essentially, we believe that further erosion of privacy is inevitable.”
Louise Matsakis