Man Tweets at KFC for a Year Until They Bring Back His Favourite Dish

A hero for the modern age.
Dan Bratman
Australia Today

We Met the Australians Trying to Prosecute Aung San Suu Kyi For War Crimes

As Myanmar's state counsellor, the lawyers allege she's directly responsible for more than one million Rohingya people fleeing the country.
Liam Armstrong

All the Times People Have Called Me 'Chink' to My Face

A case-by-case history.
Michelle Zhu

Being an International Student Is a Minefield of Stereotypes and Misconceptions

Five students in Melbourne explain how it's hard to make friends and everyone thinks they're rich.
Katherine Gillespie
Desiree Leong
What If

What Would Happen in the Hours and Minutes After a US-China War Started?

No one in their right mind wants the US and China to go to war, but let's face it: They could. Here's what the first day would look like.
Mike Pearl

The Death of Thailand's King Is Turning the Country's Fashion Industry Black

Within the Thai economy, the fashion industry has been heavily affected by the country's mourning ritual of wearing black clothing to honor the late king. Demand for black threads is so high that brands are suffering while street vendors are cashing in.
Dorian Geiger
Writer's Block

Taiwan's Graffiti Scene Is Outgrowing Its Foreign Influences

Graffiti in Taipei used to be dominated by expats, but that's changing thanks to a new generation of dedicated and talented writers.
Ray Mock
Writer's Block

Bangkok Graffiti Matures Amid Beef and Growing Pains

What if you could paint graffiti on the side of a busy street in broad daylight without permission, and no one cared? In Bangkok, this is a reality, even if you get caught in the act by police.
Ray Mock
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of North Korea?

Is Kim Jong-un a threat, or just a lunatic with a weird haircut?
Mike Pearl
The Up in Flames Issue

Infographic: Traditional Medicine Fuels the Mass Slaughter of Wild Animals

Humans are uniquely gifted at driving other animals into extinction.
Haisam Hussein

Wealth, Strict Rules, and LAN Shops: What It's Like to Grow Up in Singapore

Four photographers share images and stories about growing up in the city-state.
Elizabeth Renstrom

The Long, Dangerous March South Asian Migrants Make Through South America to Get to the US

Thousands of people from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal are traveling up to 10,000 miles from as far south as Argentina—a treacherous trip that can take anywhere from three to six months.
Arthur Holland Michel