Dominican Republic

Why Counterfeit Booze Might Be Killing People in the Dominican Republic

Of the 10 Americans who have mysteriously died during their trips to the Dominican Republic in the last year, nine showed symptoms commonly associated with methanol poisoning.
Trone Dowd
mental health

When Bad Circumstances Make Anxiety Vanish

I have generalized anxiety disorder, but in times of true crisis, my anxiety seems to disappear.
Jamie Friedlander
Australia Today

Supermarkets Are Recalling Frozen Veggies After a Listeria Outbreak

The recall affects products from Woolworths, IGA, and ALDI.
VICE Staff
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E-Cig Factory Breaks into 'Mass Hysteria' After 30 Mysteriously Fall Ill

No one knows what caused it.
River Donaghey

UTIs Can Make Life Miserable, So Why Do We Never Talk About Them?

Many people – especially women – experience UTIs regularly, but they're ignored in education and forgotten about in media.
Lauren O'Neill
cruise ships

Hell on the High Seas: Gastro Strikes Giant Cruise Ship Bound for Sydney

Cleaners are power hosing the vessel top to bottom, after some 200 passengers were hit with the bug.
VICE Staff

People Who've Been Seriously Ill Talk About the Symptom They Shouldn't Have Ignored

If you think you might be properly getting ill, here's an idea: ask a doctor what they think.
Ruth Faj

Wild Boar Meat May have Poisoned a New Zealand Family

All three are on life support.
Tim Scott
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The Plague Is Back

Nostalgia has peaked with the return of the Black Death.
Wendy Syfret

Facebook Is Changing the Way We Talk About Death

Daniel Miller's 'The Comfort of People' is a new study that highlights the profound relationship between social media and terminal illness.
Angus Harrison
Why Are You Doing That?

Fearless Fisherman Talk About Eating Fish Out of the Yarra

Melbourne's main river isn't exactly a clean food source.
Sam Nichols
breast cancer

What It's Like to Get a Mastectomy as a Young Woman

We spoke to five women under 35 who have undergone mastectomies about their recovery from breast cancer.
Milly McMahon