NORTHMIX: Frameworks

Hip hop meets sweet, sweet lullabies.

Dec 9 2015, 6:25pm

UK pride oozes from the delicate sounds of Frameworks as he meshes celebrated tracks from the likes of fellow Brits SBTRKT, Maribou, and Romare with his own breed of hip hop-meets-sweet, sweet lullaby. Experimenting with charming downtempo, whimsical chimes, and a series of Pablo Casals-worthy strings, his THUMP NORTHMIX will have you chillin' like a November breeze.

As he navigates through his playlist, the Manchester native's original escapist tracks are a refreshing break from the comfortable and familiar sounds of Britain's best. Masterfully balancing old and new, established and up-and-coming, simple and symphonic, Frameworks' NORTHMIX triumphantly defines his sound in a saturated sea of melancholic English producers.

Turn off that meditation app, blow out your incense, and get lost in a Frameworks fantasy.

NORTHMIX: Frameworks by Thump on Mixcloud

Frameworks latest EP 'Branches' is out now on Loci Records and is available for purchase here.

Frameworks is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud

Rebecca is on Twitter.

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