The Definition of a Kilogram Just Changed Worldwide

The kilogram is the last unit of measurement to be untethered from an artificial object.
Becky Ferreira
Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fire Caused Lead Levels in the Area to Skyrocket

Officials have stressed, however, that lead poisoning is typically something that happens over long periods of exposure.
Tim Marcin
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The First May Day Protest for France's "Yellow Vests" Turned Remarkably Violent

Police fired tear gas on protestors in Paris. Yellow Vests hope that will help their cause.
Aris Roussinos
Steven Bartus
Maeva Bambuck
Angad Singh
Notre Dame

What was destroyed and saved in Notre Dame's massive fire

The building's rose windows, the crown of thorns, and one of the world's biggest organs were all saved.
David Gilbert

An Afternoon with the Tween Skaters of Central Paris

Photographer Seán McGirr captured the scene around the iconic skate ramp on Rue Leon Cladel.
VICE Staff
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We Finally Know Why Garfield Phones Washed Up on French Beaches for 30 Years

Since the 1980s hundreds of phones featuring the likeness of our favourite Monday-hatin’ cat washed up in France and no one knew why.
Mack Lamoureux

How the World's Prisons Look From Within

Photographer Jan Banning takes us into the prisons of Uganda, France, the US and Colombia.
Laura Woods

French Director Gaspar Noé on America’s Fear of the Penis

“The fear of the penis in the United States still shocks me,” he said. “In many ways, the Western world is turning Victorian.”
Noel Ransome
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A Live Grenade Was Mistaken for a Potato and Sent to a Chinese Chip Factory

It's thought that the explosive was harvested from a field used for trenches in World War One.
Gavin Butler

The Fight to Repatriate African Skulls in European Museum Collections

Africans have been calling for the return of ancestors’ remains for decades, and at least one Western leader is now listening.
Tari Ngangura
Strasbourg attack

French cops kill the Strasbourg Christmas market suspect in a shootout

Macron pledged that the country’s “commitment against terrorism is total.”
Tim Hume
Yellow vests

Macron is finally taking action to stop the "yellow vest" protesters

Hardcore groups of rioters looted shops and burned vehicles, and more than 1,700 people were taken into custody
Tim Hume