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The Affluenza Murder Case That Shocked America 100 Years Ago

The concept that helped Ethan Couch didn't exist yet, but the fact of two justice systems—and some Puritan morality—made for a wild end to a brutal murder case.
Seth Ferranti
true crime

What We Know About the Florida Sisters Accused of Murdering Their Dad

It wouldn't be the first time children turned on their parents as things got messy in old age. But this one involved a bizarre love triangle.
Alex Norcia
Australia Today

Melbourne Man Admits He Killed an Airbnb Guest over Unpaid Rent

Thirty-six-year-old Ramis Jonuzi was strangled to death after he was unable to pay the $210 he owed his host.
Gavin Butler

Inside the Uniquely American Horror Story of Summer Gun Violence in Chicago

"The one thing that I get really agitated about is how little things have changed in many of these neighborhoods."
Ann Givens

'Lords of Chaos' Is a Loving, Concerned, and Troubled Look at Black Metal

VICE spoke with director Jonas Åkerlund about his new take on an old story.
Grayson Haver Currin

Amber Alert That Located 11-Year-Old’s Alleged Killer Sparks ‘Numerous’ Complaints

Police say the late night alert prompted many Ontarians to call 911.
Tamara Khandaker
true crime

The Rich Kid Accused of Killing His Mom and Hiding the Body with 'Girlfriends'

Jared Eng is charged with killing his mother, and two women are accused of helping him move the corpse.
Allie Conti

Judge Changes Law to Give Man Who Killed Six Muslim Men More Guaranteed Prison Time

The massacre committed by Alexandre Bissonnette was driven by racial hatred, but a judge did not consider it terrorism.
Mack Lamoureux

Meet the Journalist Who Interviewed Ted Bundy for Months

“I wanted him to reveal himself for what he was. A piece of shit.”
Noel Ransome

Family and Friends of Bruce McArthur's Victims Recount How Their Murders Have Devastated Them

“This is a homophobic serial killing,” the sister of Selim Esen, one of the victims, told a Toronto court.
Rachel Browne

Serial Killer Bruce McArthur’s Sentencing Hearing Begins

The Crown warned those in attendance that graphic and gruesome details could affect the wellbeing of those in the courtroom.
Rachel Browne
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Cop Investigating Surrey Six Murders Got Drunk And Slept With Witness

Derek Brassington, a principal RCMP investigator into the murders of six men in a BC highrise, was sentenced to two years of house arrest for his actions.
Mack Lamoureux