3 days ago

What to Do When Trauma or Shame Interferes With Sex in Your Relationship

What one partner assumes the other is feeling or thinking isn’t always accurate.

4 days ago

Reason No. 437 to Date Trans Women: Apple Picking

If you’re doing something that involves grabbing things hanging from moderate to great heights, wouldn’t you rather bring a tall girl along?

4 days ago

How 'The 5 Love Languages' Became the Language of Love We All Know (and Love)

The quietly Baptist self-help book has broken its own sales records almost every year since it was published in 1992. The secret is its simplicity.


Intimate Partner Violence Is More Common Than You Think

A brutal attack in Tennessee serves as a grim reminder of how commonplace such violence is in the United States.


The Perfect Breakup Outfit Is a Black T-Shirt and Jeans

Avoid cursing good clothes by wearing something absolutely forgettable.


Just Break Up With People, You Heartless Cowards!!!!

Don't "ghost" or "fizz" or whatever cute term we're currently using to describe avoiding a necessary human conversation.


Why Are A-List Celebrities Dating 'Bachelor' Contestants?

Bachelor Nation was once a different world than the rest of Hollywood. Now its members are marrying in.


Yes, Grief Can Make You Horny

Craving sex is an awkward but deeply human response to one of life's worst moments.


Suing The Person Your Ex-Spouse Cheated On You With Is Deeply Unchill

A North Carolina man just successfully sued his ex-wife's lover for $750,000, thanks to a wild law in the state.


My Ex Deleted Me From His Instagram Because I Didn't Match His New Aesthetic

We’re still friends, but the rise of the ex-thetic means former partners everywhere are getting erased from the grid.


The Carousel Reveal Is the New Way to Make a Relationship Instagram Official

The least intense way to let your Instagram followers know you've found love is also the best way.


How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl

Touch – and I cannot stress this enough – the FUPA.