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Group That Called Extinction Rebellion 'Extremist' Is Funded By Big Energy

VICE reveals that the think tank behind a controversial report into the protest group has taken money from energy companies.
Solomon Hughes
18 hours ago
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A Guide to Sex Toys That Don't Totally Ruin the Planet

I put the best eco-friendly sex toys to the test, from solar-powered vibrators and low-airmile wands to, erm, a giant wooden dildo.
Helen Meriel Thomas
5 days ago
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The Planet's Real Overpopulation Problem: Too Many Rich People

Blaming the climate crisis on overpopulation means blaming the most marginalised for a problem caused by the rich.
Joe Sandler Clarke
climate change

UN Says Humans Must Transform Our Diets and Land Use to Save the Planet

"For the first time, the world’s top scientists have confirmed what we have always known: respecting the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities is an immediate and actionable climate change solution."
Terri Hansen
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How a Cancer Survivor Is Saving London's Waterways

Lizzie Carr's Plastic Patrol is aiming to clear over a million pieces of rubbish from the city's waterways by the end of the year.
Alex Rorison
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Boris Johnson's Turbo-Thatcherite Cabinet Can't Fix Climate Change

In fact, they're more likely to torch environmental regulations.
Joe Sandler Clarke

There’s a Wet Wipe Reef in the River Thames and It’s as Gross as It Sounds

Until about six years ago, wet wipes in London’s river ways were unheard of. Now, scientists have found an entire 'reef' near Hammersmith Bridge – and it’s destroying local wildlife.
Jessica Furseth
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‘Lightweighting’ – The Trick Supermarkets Use to Get Around Plastic Targets

VICE has found cases of Sainsbury’s switching glass bottles for plastic, while other major supermarkets are thinning plastic packaging, rather than removing it.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
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What Happens to the Extinction Rebellion 'Rebels' Who Get Arrested

Over 1,000 environmental activists who took part in April's "uprising" are due to be prosecuted. We spoke to a few who have already been handed their sentence.
Emily Goddard
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A Night Out at Extinction Rebellion's Bristol Protest

Climate activism in the crusty capital of the UK.
Adam Corner
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Porn and Netflix Could Each Be Generating as Much CO2 as Bangladesh

Video files might be immaterial, but it takes a lot of power to get them to your phone.
Gavin Butler

Rachel Ama and the Trouble with Apolitical Food

The rising vegan YouTube star treads carefully around the tangled politics of race and veganism. For her, making accessible plant-based recipes is a form of activism.
Ruby Tandoh