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'Suspira' is the Zine Looking at Horror Through a Feminist Lens

With each issue exploring a different archetype of fear and fascination, 'The Fetish' issue examines the relationship between the horror genre and female sexuality.
Salma Haidrani
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'I Should Not Be Here' Is a Zine About the Lives of London Skateboarders

Now on its second edition, this visual brainchild of two London skaters is an homage to the DIY ethics of punk and hardcore.
VICE Staff
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Clifford Jago Creates Fashion Trends for an Alternate Universe

Give this guy some Tesco bags, aluminium ducting hose and a pair of fluorescent leg warmers, and he'll give you a dreamscape.
Nana Baah
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'Foul Play' Is the True Crime Magazine Made By Women

The zine seeks to satiate our fascination with real life murders without resorting to sensationalism.
Amelia Abraham
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The Blood, Carnage and Dildos of 'Loose' Zine

The art and photography zine's second issue is being released this week, and the creators sent us a preview of what to expect.
VICE Staff
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The True Spirit of 'The Simpsons' Lives On in These Bootleg Zines

There's so much Springfield-related creativity happening right now – it’s just that none of it is coming from the show’s creators
Giacomo Lee
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Daikon* Is a Zine for Underrepresented Asian Voices

But it's also a root vegetable.
Christopher Giles
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You've Been Thinking About Manchester All Wrong

'The Modernist' is a magazine that places the rainy city firmly at the vanguard of the 20th Century
Josh Baines
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Speaking to the Makers of a Taboos-Busting Islamic Zine

The Khidr Collective want to create a space for Muslims to be themselves.
Hussein Kesvani
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Beer Dicks, Pearly Butts and Eazy-E – A Chat with 'Loose' Zine

We spoke to the three-man team behind our new favourite zine.
Jamie Clifton
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'Interloper' Is a Magazine About The Lies the Media Tells

A magazine which is in itself a lie.
Amelia Abraham
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'So Young': The Magazine Picking Up Where the NME Left Off

As one dinosaur crumbles, a small newcomer takes the reins of documenting Britain’s guitar music scene.
Ryan Bassil