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Climate Change Is Turning Australia Into a Fiery Hellscape

A historic rainforest has been destroyed, and one fire in northeastern Australia has burned an area larger than Washington, D.C.
Tim Marcin
3 days ago

Scientists Find Direct Evidence of 'Day One' of Dinosaurs' Extinction

The apocalyptic 24 hours after a huge asteroid struck Earth is written into the centre of an underwater impact crater.
Becky Ferreira

The Amazon Rainforest Was Once a Human Success Story. It Could Be Again

For millennia, Indigenous practices have enhanced the biodiversity, fertility and carbon-sucking powers of the most biodiverse region on land.
Becky Ferreira

Wildfires Are Now So Bad That Scientists Are Using Them to Study Nuclear War

A smoke plume from the 2017 wildfires in the Pacific Northwest mirrored simulations of nuclear winter, and showed that the aftermath of a nuke war may be worse than anticipated.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

The Arctic Is on Fire, and It Might Be Creating a Vicious Climate 'Feedback Loop'

The worst Arctic wildfire season in recent history is releasing unprecedented emissions that feed into climate change, creating the conditions for more fires.
Madeleine Gregory
climate change

This Is Why California Will Keep Burning

One massive utility company is responsible for many of the wildfires and dozens of deaths. Can we make our infrastructure stop killing us?
Susie Cagle
climate change

The Next Financial Crisis Could Be Caused by Climate Change

After wildfires bankrupted a major utility, there's concerns that more severe natural disasters will lead to economic devastation.
Geoff Dembicki
climate change

California's Wildfires Are Exposing the Rotten Core of Capitalism

It's going to get weirder from here.
Lauren Lee White

How All the West Coast Wildfires Could Affect the Taste of Wine

Last year’s wildfires were so bad that many West Coast wineries were forced to dump wine made from the smoky grapes.
Lauren Rothman
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Trump Is Making America So Goddamn Dumb

If you listen to him, you might think California doesn't have enough water to properly fight its wildfires. Don't listen to him.
Harry Cheadle

This Is What's Left of Saddleworth Moor After the Worst Wildfire in Memory

We spoke to residents near the Greater Manchester moorland, whose homes were surrounded by the worst of a record-breaking series of blazes across the UK this summer.
Daniel Dylan Wray

Photos of the Destruction Caused By Wildfires in the Greek Town of Rafina

Twenty-six of the 60 people killed in the wildfires so far were found on a single plot of land in Rafina, just outside Athens.
Kostas Koukoumakas