'Rick and Morty' Adds 20 New Worlds to Instagram

Yes, there are new Gazorpazorpfield comics, too.

by The Creators Project
Jun 3 2016, 7:00pm

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Attention Rick and Morty fans, there's a new distraction from the pain of the Adult Swim show's tragic season finale. A new segment has been added to The Rick and Morty Rickstaverse, Rick and Morty's official social media ARG on Instagram ("Hey, it's either this or paying a bunch of stupid teenagers on Vine to talk about the show. I think you have it pretty good," quips an anonymous copywriter). There are now 20 new worlds centered around St. Gloopy Loops, the floating space hospital where series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon restaged the wildly popular "interdimensional cable" commercials from Season 1. Previously, you could explore homeless Reuben's giant Santa hat-wearing, Earth-orbiting corpse, the planet where the sun is always screaming, and the prison world from Season 2's final episode, but now Instagram-ified versions of those commercials are ripe for the pillaging.

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The Rickstaverse first appeared on Instagram at the beginning of Rick and Morty Season 2, and has periodically updated at both important and less-important moments ever since. We hope this means that an announcement for the official start date of Season 3 looms on the horizon. As the Rickstaverse official instructions said 45 weeks ago, "What's taking so long with Season 2? Turns out we lost the tapes. Well, lost as in Rick left them in a bar after chugging a bottle of Plutonian tequila." It's been nearly a year since that very true and non-made up announcement, which sounds like plenty of time to throw together a season's worth of the burps and obscure sci-fi references we're craving.


[SPONSORED TRANSMISSION] Tap to enter St Gloopy Noops Medical Center. For emergencies, please use the left square. [/SPONSORED TRANSMISSION]

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[SPONSORED TRANSMISSION] Tap to enter the St Gloopy Noops Medical Center Emergency Response Craft. [/SPONSORED TRANSMISSION]

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