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My Brain Keeps Turning Thoughts into Memories

It makes keeping track of time almost impossible.
Patrick Marlborough

Dark Illustrations Show an Artist's Battle with Mental Illness

Derek Hess made his name making poster art for Pearl Jam and Gwar. Now he's breaking down the stigma around bipolar disorder through his art.
Ashley Naftule
mental health

I Lost My Mind at Age 16

An excerpt from author Jaime Lowe's new book 'MENTAL: Lithium, Love, and Losing My Mind.'
Jaime Lowe

Haunting Photos Capture a Lifelong Struggle with Mental Illness

Norwegian photographer Maren Klemp's 'Between Intervals' series exposes the darkness and isolation of living, creating, and loving with Bipolar Disorder.
Sami Emory

When Facebook and Instagram Think You're Depressed

Ads for wellness apps and bipolar treatments start to appear in your feed.
Kari Paul

How I Learned to Give Up Control in My Open Relationship

Why loving someone means allowing them to be who they are, even when that person is no longer in sync with who you are.
Jeff Leavell

How My Three-Way Relationship Survived a Mental Health Crisis

When my husband, Alex, saw his life thrown into chaos by bipolar disorder, it left my boyfriend and me in the lurch. But together, the three of us have proved stronger than one crisis.
Jeff Leavell
mental health

This Photo Project Is Redefining What Mental Illness Looks Like

The collection of free stock photos shows people dealing with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder—without cowering in their bathrobes.
Kate Antoniades

Scenes from My Time in a Psychiatric Hospital

After a series of manic episodes, I was admitted to the Centre Hospitalier de Saint-Anne in Paris. That's where I met a nymphomaniac, a medium, and the reincarnation of Christ.
Louise De Breteuil

What It's Like to Have Borderline Personality Disorder

"I keep seeing my neighbor's pool in winter, just an empty bowl of dusty blue tiles. Imagine standing in the middle of that, when suddenly, the pool fills up. In an instant, you're drowning."
Patrick Marlborough

Unwrapping the 'Truman Show Delusion,' Where You Believe You're Being Watched by the World

Psychologists say the 2008 film is a common reference point for many people suffering from certain types of delusions.
Pascale Day
Vice Blog

How Mental Illness Can Lead to Overspending and Poverty

A "frictionless" cash system is creating the perfect shitstorm for people with money trouble. It's making people ill—and it's making ill people poorer.
Hazel Sheffield