Trump's federal ban on bump stocks just got the go-ahead

The Las Vegas shooter had accessorized a dozen of his 23 rifles with bump stocks, which allowed him to kill 59 and wound more than 400


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From a manufacturer’s perspective, firearms get the kid-gloves treatment. Does that actually make sense?


The website uploading 3D printed gun blueprints has gone dark

A federal judge in Seattle, Washington, issued a restraining order against the site Tuesday night.


This GOP candidate wants to trigger liberals with 3D gun-part printer giveaway

“This technology has the potential to send gun control into the ash heap of history," he explained.


Gun control groups are racing against the clock to stop 3D gun blueprints from going online

In the last few days, outrage over the Trump administration’s decision to settle the long-stalled case has escalated.


Trump’s Supreme Court pick wanted to strike down a landmark gun control law

Brett Kavanaugh argued a distinction between handguns and semi-automatic rifle was irrational.


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What It Feels Like to Decide to Shoot Someone and Actually Do It

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A Gun Channel Moves to Pornhub After YouTube Ban on Firearms

InRange TV says it’s “decentralizing” its firearms reviews and tutorials, and publishing them on Pornhub.


YouTube Bans DIY and Commercially Focused Gun Videos

No more selling guns, or tutorials on how to make silencers and high capacity magazines.


This Ohio group has trained more than 1,000 teachers to carry guns

Established after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2013, FASTER has worked with 225 school districts in 12 states.