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'Washed' LeBron Drops 42 on Spurs After Sleeping Through Christmas Party

It's been a long week for the Los Angeles Lakers star, but LeBron showed just how washed he really is last night against San Antonio.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Kobe Bryant Wants You to Fuck Off for Reminding Him He's 40 Years Old

The Los Angeles Lakers legend had a little message for everyone getting up in his mentions on his 40th birthday.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Kobe Bryant Predicted to Win an Oscar, Despite Past Rape Accusation

Over 16,000 people have signed a petition asking for Bryant’s nomination for Best Animated Short to be removed due to an alleged sexual assault in 2003.
Cole Kazdin
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Kobe Bryant Turns Into Giggling Idiot Celebrating Eagles Super Bowl Win

Kobe was dancing and giggling around while holding his baby daughter as the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.
Sean Newell
Kobe Bryant

The Lakers are Retiring Both of Kobe Bryant Jersey Numbers

Almost exactly halfway through his career, Kobe changed the number on his jersey from 8 to 24. The Lakers will retire both at a ceremony on December 18.
Sean Newell
Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Roasts Jalen Rose for 81-Point Game

In a new commercial, Kobe and Jalen exchange death glares after Bryant asks for 81 olives in his martini.
Sean Newell

This Guy's NBA Tattoos Are So Good Fans Fly to New Zealand for Them

New Zealander Steve Butcher on how he gets the skin tributes so lifelike.
Hussein Moses

Kobe Bryant Is Still Obsessed

In his new life as a "storyteller," Kobe is still telling the same story he did as a player.
David Roth
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Listen to the New Remix of Gucci Mane and Drake's "Both," Now With Added Lil Wayne

The ‘Return of East Atlanta Santa’ cut now has Wayne filling in the “high” part of “drunk and [...] high."
Alex Robert Ross

If Devin Booker's Historic 70-Point Game Was an NBA Springtime Anomaly, Then it Was a Gorgeous One

The 70-spot may have had an empty-calorie component to it, but that's in keeping with the built-in oddity of NBA springtime.
Robert O'Connell
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Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Stolen from High School Alma Mater

The stolen jersey wasn't even Kobe's original high school jersey. It was a replica.
Brian Blickenstaff

The Kobe Bryant Personality Test: COOKIES 37 with Andrew Kuo

Artist Andrew Kuo joins the Cookies podcast for a discussion of Kristaps Porzingis' greatness, the Minnesota Timberwolves' disappointing start, and more.
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