Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Lizzo's Casual Confidence

The Dean of American Rock Critics takes on Lizzo's 'Cuz I Love You' and Kevin Abstract's 'Arizona Baby.'
Robert Christgau
5 days ago
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How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Judge Music

Has stan culture shifted the role of the critic?
VICE Staff
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Beyoncé's Live Spectacle and 16 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

From pop bliss to field recordings of bridges to ice-cold synth raves, there's all kinds of great music out this week.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Janelle Monáe on Coming Out: "I Was Terrified"

In a cover story for 'them,' Janelle Monáe opens up about coming out and how 'Dirty Computer' set her free in an interview with Lizzo.
Kristin Corry
New music

Lizzo and Missy Elliott Are the Duo the World Needs on "Tempo"

The two rappers are bringing some major energy for the long-awaited collaboration from Lizzo's upcoming album 'Cuz I Love You.'
Kristin Corry
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch HAIM and Lizzo Cover Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine"

HAIM and Lizzo are touring together right now, so naturally they covered Brandy and Monica's classic together in Seattle.
Shaad D’Souza

Lizzo's New Song "Phone" Is Your New Booty Bass Classic

Fresh from hosting the VMA red carpet pre-show and launching her MTV show, Lizzo drops this sick cut from her upcoming new EP.
Kim Taylor Bennett
New music

Sadie Dupuis Releases “Get a Yes,” a Glitchy, Poppy Ode to Consent

She also announced her new solo album as Sad13, ‘Slugger.’
Alex Robert Ross

That Time Eric Andre Ate a Ton of Molly and Puked in Canada

Eric Andre told us his wildest party story in this week's episode of 'Party Legends.'
VICE Staff

Watch the Season Finale of 'King of the Road' Tonight on VICELAND

We reveal the winners of the 'Thrasher' skate tournament in a weird and messy award ceremony tonight on VICELAND.
VICE Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Boss Up: Here's Lizzo's Video for "Good as Hell"

The Minneapolis-based singer serves it up straight. Pass the tequila and get down.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Holy Shit

Watch Sadie DuPuis and Lizzo Write a Pop Song Together Called "Basement Queens" Over Google Docs

Behold: the future of songwriting.
Bryn Lovitt