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3 days ago

Ohio Jail Guards Plead Guilty After Video Shows Them Beating Mentally Ill Man Strapped to a Chair

The Cleveland-area jail has come under harsh scrutiny due to alleged civil rights violations and inmate deaths.


‘Sea of Solitude’ Is a Beautiful but Imperfect Exploration of Loneliness

A stunningly atmospheric world is held back by an inconsistent story.


Why Seth Moulton Revealed His PTSD: "Fuck It, It's the Right Thing to Do"

We spent 48 hours with Rep. Seth Moulton, the 20th Democrat candidate to enter the presidential race.


Why Is It Still So Hard For Young People of Color to Get Therapy?

More Black and brown millennials are seeking therapy, but there are still major obstacles in a mental health care system designed for white people.


Postpartum OCD Is Real. This Is What You Need to Know About It

The sheer volume of terrifying thoughts can transform new-parent nerves into unmanageable anxiety.


What Ramadan Is Like When You Have an Eating Disorder

It’s easier to starve myself without arousing suspicion when everyone around me is fasting.


When Psychedelics Make Your Last Months Alive Worth Living

“I am at peace with what’s next. The more I prepare to say goodbye, the more at peace I become with that reality."


The Many Obsessions That Can Haunt a Person with OCD

An intimate look at seven lesser-known types of OCD that are darker, harder to talk about, and can remain undiagnosed for years.


The More I Allowed Myself to Feel My Anxiety, the Less it Bothered Me​

My coping mechanisms had been avoidant behavior all along.


Humanizing Portraits of Mentally Ill Inmates at Cook County Jail

The jail has become the largest mental health care provider in the US.


Aya Cash Thinks 'You're the Worst' Is the Most Romantic Comedy on TV

'We're all fucked up and you just have to find the right other kind of person who is also fucked up and compliments your fucked up-ness.'


How Playing Over 1000 Hours of 'Into the Breach' Helped Me Survive 2018

You've heard of games as self-care, so here's to games of self-preservation.