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Drug Dealers Tell Us How to Spot a Sucker

We asked a few drug dealers how they decide which customers they're going to scam.
Sarah Perrin
Harm Reduction

We Looked Into the Kits You Can Use to Test Your Drugs

Drug checking is part of a harm-reduction approach that emphasizes reducing the negative impact of drug use rather than telling people not to use them—which usually doesn’t work.
Suzannah Weiss
Harm Reduction

This Guy's Job is to Help People Trip Safely at Music Festivals

Drug-checking and advice, judgment-free.
Suzannah Weiss
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Thousands of Orange, Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Seized in Germany

​It's not the first time the president's mug has popped up on a batch of illicit drugs.
Drew Schwartz

How Ketamine Could Be Used to Treat Alcoholism

Erasing memories isn't always a bad thing.
Nick Rose

How Ecstasy Has Evolved in the New Millennium

Colorful, candy-like pills have been replaced with gelcaps, but despite what some people think, that doesn't mean the drug has gotten any purer or safer.
Allison Tierney

Which British University Is the Druggiest?

A whopping 70 percent of the UK's students have taken an illegal substance at some point, according to a survey that serves as a map of the country's drug scene.
Max Daly

Ketamine Bladder and Getting High Off Metal Cleaner: Let's Talk About London's Club Drug Problem

If you do club drugs you might be OK, but you might get "ketamine bladder," "cartoon vision," turn psychotic, and have to constantly sip on industrial solvent or risk going into a coma from withdrawal.
Chris O`Neill