The Old-School Arcade Classic ‘Battlezone’ Is Now an Awesome Virtual-Reality Game

UK studio Rebellion has turned a VR progenitor into a contemporary experience that convincingly sells this new world of gaming.
Mike Diver

Questlove and Tom Sachs: "Creativity Is the Enemy"

At the Brooklyn Museum, Questlove and Tom Sachs discussed the point at which creativity begins to harm art.
Mike Steyels

Meet the Malaysian Artist Fighting Government Corruption with a Cartoon

Fahmi Reza's political art has been getting him in trouble for decades. His latest work, a giant clownish take on the Malaysian PM's face, has become the icon for the country's anti-corruption push.
Maddison Connaughton
thump exclusive stream

dOP's "Late Dub" Remix Of Alex Dimou Is All Afterhours Ambience

The French trio pull double duty on a pair of remixes.
Joshua Glazer
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Dance Spirit Balance Frigid Beats and a Warm Heart on "In Between Spaces"

Stream the Los Angeles duo's latest single on Crosstown Rebels sub-label, Rebellion.
Joshua Glazer
vice meets

VICE Meets Chris Hedges

From Wall Street corruption to why the elites in corporate media have eviscerated traditional investigative journalism, the bestselling author tries to make sense of the world we live in.
VICE Staff

FARC Guerrillas Just Announced a Ceasefire with Colombia's Government After 50 Years of Civil War

It's being hailed as a turning point in the long, long war, but it's too early to declare peace just yet.
Steven Cohen

Talking to Students at Bangkok's Hunger Games Protest

In Thailand, the <i>Hunger Games</i> films have increasingly become a symbol of dissent against the military junta running the country.
Sally Mairs

Is Colombia's 50-Year-Old Marxist Guerrilla Insurgency Finally Ending?

Peace is the word of the day in Colombia as the government closes in on a deal with FARC rebels, but what will the new order look like for the rural underclass?
Steven Cohen
A Few Impressions

James Franco on 'The Bling Ring' and Celebrity Culture

How we feel about fame, what we’re willing to do to achieve it, and why we even want it, is a topic both fascinating and insidious. James Franco contemplates if the Bling Ring teens are just today's punks?
James Franco

Why is China so afraid of the Dalai Lama?

The Dalai Lama is just a frail old monk, right?
Reece Jones

What Was the South African Military Doing in the Central African Republic?

There is much speculation over why South African President Jacob Zuma deployed his forces to support the Central Africa Republic's clearly failing, dictatorial government. The most popular theory is that both the ANC and its members have private...
Henk Lustig