safe sex

safe sex

We Asked Porn Stars How to Avoid Getting an STI

They depend on their sexual health to make a living, and know how to protect their bodies.
Mark Hay
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How to Have Great Anal Sex, According to a Buttload of Porn Stars

Load up on lube, communicate, and above all, realize it's not for everyone.
Mark Hay
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How to Have a Good Hookup in College

Hookup culture can be intimidating and toxic—but it doesn't have to be.
Nicole Clark
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We Talked to the Queens from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' About Safe Sex

Tackling everything from using condoms to PrEP.
VICE Staff

9 Things All Good Sex Party Hosts Will Have on Hand

The less obvious items you need in your Amazon cart before throwing a sex party.
Grant Stoddard
Sex Ed

Teachers Forced to Report All Teens Having Sex in Oregon School District

The Salem-Keizer school district in Oregon mandates that all school employees report students to law enforcement or state officials if they find out they’re sexually active. Some students are petitioning to change the rule.
Kimberly Lawson
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The Real Problem with Hollywood's Depiction of Herpes

A brief history of unfunny and inaccurate representations of herpes—a virus that the majority of the population lives with.
Britni De La Cretaz

Finally, Someone Is Teaching Old People How to Fuck Good

Pornhub's new educational video, out on VHS, imparts sex safety tips to the elderly.
Anna Fitzpatrick
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New birth control app lets you skip the doctor's visit

The app can prescribe and deliver birth control, from pills to the patch, even send Plan B via Postmates - all without a visit to a doctor.
Nellie Bowles
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An Orgy Organizer Explains How to Throw the Best Sex Parties

Spoiler alert: you need plenty of lube and a copy of Michelle Branch's seminal hit "The Game of Love."
VICE Staff

Why This Club Owner Is Organizing Sex Parties for HIV-Positive Men

Richard Keldoulis has made it his mission to keep Amsterdam's gay scene alive.
Thijs Roes

We Taste-Tested Flavored Condoms So You Don't Have To

Happy World Contraception Day, everyone!
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