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Skrillex’s Music Can be Used as Mosquito Repellent, Study Finds

Researchers observed mosquitoes sucked less blood and had less sex when exposed to the song 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.'
Gavin Butler
Noisey News

Dive Into ‘Kingdom Hearts’ With Skrillex and Hikaru Utada’s "Face My Fears"

While we’re at it, can someone please explain to me what’s going on in this game?
Josh Terry
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Ty Dolla $ign Indicted on Felony Drug Charges, Facing 15 Years in Prison

The indictment stems from the rapper's arrest in Atlanta, Georgia, in September.
Alex Robert Ross
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A Skrillex Remix Turns Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" Into a Twisted Epic

The Drake-featuring single is currently sitting at number two on the Billboard charts. This flip could send it to the stratosphere.
Colin Joyce

The Re-Re-Re-Re-Reinvention of Ryan Hemsworth

Canada’s golden boy DJ opens up on his forthcoming album, his evolving identity, and cultivating a sense of celebrity within different cultures.
Hillary Gillis
Noisey 2017

EDM Got Sad and Anxious in 2017, Just Like Everything Else

New music from festival headliners—Porter Robinson, Skrillex—and more underground producers—Mija, Shawn Wasabi—prove the ecstatic genre’s at its best when it’s allowed to feel.
Colin Joyce
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Skrillex's New Kendrick Lamar Remix Is Like Getting Run Over, in a Good Way

The "HUMBLE." flip features foundation-rattling horns, dizzy breakbeats, and, yes, lots of drops,
Colin Joyce

Skrillex Is Pop Music's Best Collaborator

Recent singles with Wale, Ty Dolla $ign and more demonstrate that Sonny Moore has become even more effective at helping his friends than as a dubstep destroyer.
Colin Joyce
New music

Here's Ty Dolla $ign, Skrillex, and Damian Marley's New Song, "So Am I"

I blame Skrillex.
Alex Robert Ross
Future Days

Can Dubstep’s Legacy Be Rescued from the Fart Chamber of History?

Looking back at three seminal compilations, it's possible to imagine a world where the genre stuck to its roots and avoided the bros.
Drew Millard

Tyler, the Creator Tours the Converse Factory on 'NUTS + BOLTS'

Then stick around for the latest episodes of 'WHAT WOULD DIPLO DO?' and 'KING OF THE ROAD.'
VICE Staff

Why Spotify Lowered the Volume of Songs and Ended Hegemonic Loudness

Your ears will appreciate the end of the "Loudness Wars."
Bruno Romani