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See the aftermath of Syria's chemical attack

We visit the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun after it was hit by the chemical attack.

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Protestors dominate white supremacist event at Texas A&M, investigators suspect a refrigerator may have caused the Oakland fire, Michael Flynn's son forced out of Trump transition team, and more.
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The Syrian army is using bombs to cut the only road into rebel-held Aleppo

The Syrian army used artillery to advance closer to Aleppo's strategically important Castello Road, bringing government forces closer to their long-standing objective of encircling rebel-held areas of Aleppo.
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Jordanian spies stole CIA weapons intended for Syrian rebels

Some of the stolen weapons were used in a shooting in November that killed two Americans and three others at a police training facility in Amman.
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Syrian rebels kill 7 in shelling of Kurdish neighborhood in Aleppo

Rebels have said in the past that their attacks on the Kurdish-held Sheikh Massoud neighborhood were in response to attempts by Kurdish militiamen to cut the only road into rebel-held Aleppo.
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US-Backed Rebels Struggle to Fend Off Islamic State Offensive in Northern Syria

Islamic State militants have taken territory from US and Turkish-backed Syrian rebels in an ongoing offensive, and now threaten a key rebel supply line from the Turkish border.
Sam Heller
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Assad Says He’s Worried About 'Terrorists' and Foreign Meddling If There's a Truce in Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad railed against foreign support for rebel groups, but said he would be willing to agree to a ceasefire on certain conditions.
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Russia Is Killing a Lot of Civilians in Syria — But the US Coalition Allegedly Is Too

While Russian airstrikes are thought to have left dozens of civilians dead on Monday alone, rights groups say a US-led coalition airstrike killed 15 civilians on the same day.
Samuel Oakford

The UN Says a Syrian Regime Siege of Aleppo Would Be a Total Catastrophe

An estimated 300,000 residents remaining in Aleppo risk being completely cut off from humanitarian supply routes if the Syrian government and allied forces succeed in surrounding the city.
Samuel Oakford
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After Deadly Airstrike, Syrian Rebel Group Appoints New Leader

One of the biggest anti-Assad groups moved quickly to name a new leader after Zahran Alloush was killed in an apparent Russian airstrike.
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How the West Could Actually Defeat the Islamic State

After Islamic State attacks in Paris that killed 129 people, what's next for Syria, and should it involve committing Western troops on the ground?
Aris Roussinos

Why the Islamic State Attacked Paris — And What Happens Next

The Islamic State launched its brutal, unprecedented assault on Paris while it begins to crumble on all fronts in both Syria and Iraq.
Aris Roussinos