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Reason No. 437 to Date Trans Women: Apple Picking

If you’re doing something that involves grabbing things hanging from moderate to great heights, wouldn’t you rather bring a tall girl along?


Why Even Straight People Should Be Watching the LGBTQ Presidential Forum

Warren, Buttigieg, Biden, and the rest of the top candidates will make their case to LGBTQ voters and their allies.


The Supreme Court Will Judge Employers' Shady Excuses for Firing LGBTQ People

Three major cases headed to the Supreme Court tomorrow could finally make it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ people in all 50 states.


My Hot Trans Girl Summer From Hell

After a life-shattering break up, I tried to find a new, stronger version of myself in sex. Instead, I got caught in a culture of male shame and discretion.


The UK Insists: If You Give Birth You're a Mother, Even If You're a Man

After Freddy McConnell, a trans man, gave birth, the U.K. government insisted that even though he is legally a man, he must be listed as the child's mother. Do we need to explain why that's dumb?


A Look Inside the Sexiest Trans-Inclusive Strip Night in America

"Hustlers" has nothing on Jolene, an event featuring both cis and trans performers that celebrates beauty in all kinds of gender expressions.


A Testosterone Shortage Is Happening Now. Here's What You Need to Know

“We have been trying to anticipate a potential shortage as much as possible," said Zil Goldstein of Callen-Lorde. "We do have some concerns.”


The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether You Can Be Fired For Not Being Girly Enough

Aimee Stephens was fired because her employer felt trans women weren't feminine enough. If she loses her Supreme Court case, all women could have their rights rolled way back.


What Happens When Your Girlfriend Finds Out You're into Trans Women

When cis women find out the men they love are also attracted to trans women, their reactions can be devastating.


Transgender Women Explain What It's Like When They Don't 'Look Trans'

When women don't visibly scan as transgender, it can feel affirming, dangerous, and totally unremarkable, all at once.


Five Coming-of-Age Trans Movies That Changed My life

These movies, new and old, offensive and not, tell perspective-altering stories about growing up transgender.


How Trans Inmates Are Getting Each Other Access to Treatment Inside

Through a grassroots letter-writing network, transgender inmates in Missouri are teaching each other how to demand the healthcare they need.