Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Company Paid $35,000 for 'Exotic' Metals That Might Actually Just Be Slag

In an SEC filing, the company said that it paid $35,000 for "six pieces of Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal" and a piece of aluminum.


UFO Lobbyists Are Trying to Get the Truth From Congress, and They're Winning

There's been an explosion of UFO lobbyists in DC—from Tom DeLonge to lawyers who demand that the president does a "Disclosure," in which he admits aliens live among us.


There's a New 'Storm Area 51' Event With Running Water and Showers

"It's an open invitation to an amazing place and it's being held that weekend to let those pray from a distance for those who are coming to our area."


The Navy Says the UFOs in Tom DeLonge’s Videos Are ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’

The US Navy has officially acknowledged that UFOs are real and violate American airspace.


This Crowdsourced Map Documents UFO Sightings, Cryptids, and the Supernatural

It's sociologically important to document where people believe the supernatural occurs, even if it's all made up.


Storm Area 51's 'Alienstock' Festival Looks Like It's Going to Be a Disaster

The local town says people should NOT come and that residents will 'step up to protect their property' if they do.


Tom Delonge’s UFO Research Center Is Making Politicians Demand Answers

A Congressman is asking the Navy to release its UFO files. His letter closely aligns with the findings the former Blink-182 singer has released over the last two years.


Romanian Engineers Have Created a Fully Functional Flying Saucer

The "All-Directional Flying Object" is a proof of concept that's the result of more than two decades of engineering work.


Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Says It’s Obtained ‘Exotic’ Metals Unknown to Science

It hasn't posted any proof yet, but the former Blink 182 singer's group says it is currently studying materials to see if they came from a UFO.


Attending the ‘World’s Biggest UFO Conference’ Showed Me It's a Golden Age for Believers

We spoke to attendees of ‘Contact in the Desert’ about the U.S. military’s recent acknowledgment that UFOs are maybe a thing.


The Navy Says UFOs Are Real. UFO Hunters Are Thrilled

A new generation of ufologists are being inspired by military sightings and mainstream news stories.


The US Navy Wants Pilots to Report UFO Sightings

The Navy is drafting new guidelines for pilots and personnel to report unexplained encounters.