Extreme Cartel Violence Has Come to Mexico City

Vigilantes are threatening action as authorities seem unable to stop the rise of homicides and racketeering.


How Sex Offender Registries Can Result in Vigilante Murder

As Canadian conservatives move to publicize the registries, we looked back at the criminals who have used the tool to commit killings.


‘Stalkerware’ Seller Shuts Down Apps ‘Indefinitely’ After Getting Hacked Again

A company that sells spyware or “stalkerware” for everyday users has ceased operations of its handful of apps that monitor computers and cellphones.


Anti-Immigrant Vigilantes Are Rebranding as Free-Speech Defenders

Groups with a legacy of armed border patrols and anti-government militancy are finding new life under Donald Trump.


Whistleblower Exhibition Exposes Surveillance Age Vigilantes

A Danish exhibition showcases multimedia work about vigilantes like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden.


Behind the Scenes of 'Age of Consent'

A conversation on the moral complexities of vigilantism and what makes Justin Payne, Canada’s ‘Vigilante Pedophile Hunter’ such a fascinating and controversial individual.


Nigeria's Self-Styled Warriors: Meet the Vigilante Army Taking on the World's Deadliest Terror Group

VICE News met a commander of the Civilian JTF, a vigilante group formed in 2013 who have been instrumental in fighting Boko Haram militants and protecting Nigerian civilians from army abuses.


Video of Bulgarian Vigilantes Tying Up Migrants Highlights Political Xenophobia, Say Rights Groups

Bulgaria's prime minister and border police chief have previously publicly thanked vigilante groups who have been videoed detaining and tying up migrants, in breach of the country's laws.


Mexican Authorities Say They Don't Exist: Meet the Vigilantes Standing Up to the Zetas

The state governor claims there are no vigilante groups in Veracruz, but the armed men who say they are defending their community against the Zetas drug cartel beg to differ.


The Vigilante Protagonist of an Oscar-Nominated Drug War Movie Speaks From Jail

The documentary Cartel Land portrays José Manuel Mireles as a flawed hero who stood up to one of Mexico's most barbarous drug cartels, but who also succumbed to the temptation of abusing his new power.


Mexico's Human Rights Watchdog Says Excessive Force by Federal Police Killed Six

The watchdog said the deaths occurred following an operation in January to crack down on vigilantes in the city of Apatzingan in the heart of the troubled Hot Land region of the state of Michoacan.