PG&E Execs Were Literally Partying in Wine Country While Planning to Cut Power to Millions of Californians

They were wining and dining their top natural gas customers at a lavish retreat in wine country.


Millions of Californians Lost Power Because PG&E Refused to Spend Money to Fix Its Problems

“I can’t say how frustrated I am,” says a city councilor in Paradise, a town that was completely razed by the 2018 fires caused by PG&E.


The California Blackouts Are Leading to Fear, Rage, and Uncharged Teslas

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Climate Change Is Turning Australia Into a Fiery Hellscape

A historic rainforest has been destroyed, and one fire in northeastern Australia has burned an area larger than Washington, D.C.


Scientists Find Direct Evidence of 'Day One' of Dinosaurs' Extinction

The apocalyptic 24 hours after a huge asteroid struck Earth is written into the center of an underwater impact crater.


The Amazon Rainforest Was Once a Human Success Story. It Could Be Again

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Alaska Is on Fire. Bugs Are Making It Worse.

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Wildfires Are Now So Bad That Scientists Are Using Them to Study Nuclear War

A smoke plume from the 2017 wildfires in the Pacific Northwest mirrored simulations of nuclear winter, and showed that the aftermath of a nuke war may be worse than anticipated.


Why the Arctic Fires Are So Bad for the Planet (Aside from the Actual Flames)

The fires could create a feedback loop that only worsens the effects of climate change and leads to more fires.


The Arctic Is on Fire, and It Might Be Creating a Vicious Climate 'Feedback Loop'

The worst Arctic wildfire season in recent history is releasing unprecedented emissions that feed into climate change, creating the conditions for more fires.


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Congress Is Giving Puerto Rico Some Disaster Aid Funding — FINALLY

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