Rebuilding Paradise: Residents Cope with Destroyed Homes, Toxic Water, and PTSD

How survivors are dealing with the aftermath of California's deadliest wildfire.
John Veit
2 days ago
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Why California Is Only Going to Keep Burning

A look into the one massive utility company allegedly responsible for many of California's wildfires and dozens of deaths.
VICE Staff
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This Is Why California Will Keep Burning

One massive utility company is responsible for many of the wildfires and dozens of deaths. Can we make our infrastructure stop killing us?
Susie Cagle
Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Should Nationalize Utilities

PG&E is asking for a bailout. Instead, we should make that utility, and all utilities, public assets.
Caroline Haskins
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The Next Financial Crisis Could Be Caused by Climate Change

After wildfires bankrupted a major utility, there's concerns that more severe natural disasters will lead to economic devastation.
Geoff Dembicki

How Anarchists Helped Californian Fire Refugees in a Walmart Parking Lot

They say "mutual aid" is a better model for providing aid than traditional top-down charity work.
Erin Corbett
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This Dog Guarded His Family's Burned House for Weeks After the Camp Fire​

A truly good boy.
River Donaghey
Camp Fire

This 360 Drone Photography of Paradise Shows the Devastating Aftermath of the Camp Fire

The Camp Fire is the deadliest fire California’s ever seen.
Samantha Cole

Video Shows Gender Reveal Explosion Starting Massive Arizona Fire

Newly-release footage shows the moment a gender reveal party explosion started the Arizona Sawmill Fire.
Samantha Cole
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California's Wildfires Are Exposing the Rotten Core of Capitalism

It's going to get weirder from here.
Lauren Lee White
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California Wildfires Have Created Climate Refugees in a Walmart Parking Lot

California's Camp Fire has destroyed about 9,000 homes, creating climate refugees inside the state.
Caroline Haskins

Rich People Pay for Private Firefighters While the Rest of Us Burn

Insurance companies offer exclusive firefighting services for high-paying clients that can help them mitigate the worst consequences of wildfire disasters. Most other people aren’t so lucky.
Caroline Haskins