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  • This Pimp's Lawyer Says He's a 'Scumbag' But Not a Sex Trafficker

    Brooklyn Defense Attorney Howard Greenberg concedes Karmik Grant-Byas has done "despicable" things to women, but says his client did not compel them to perform commercial sex acts against their will.

  • How Mafia Pizzeria Drug Fronts Inspired One of the Most Complex Criminal Trials Ever

    A billion-dollar international heroin scheme got dozens of mobsters arrested in the mid 80s. But did the 17-month trial actually do anything?

  • The Real 'X-Files'?

    We meet up with Joe Nickell, a longtime paranormal investigator who's been called the real-life Agent Scully, to see if the truth is really out there.

  • The Real 'Mad Men'?

    George Lois, who helped create legendary ad campaigns during the Creative Revolution, is sometimes referred to as the inspiration for Don Draper.

  • The Real 'True Blood'?

    Father Sebastiaan works in the vampire community of Louisiana, fitting fangs and throwing modern-day vampire balls where would-be Draculas party and sip blood.

  • The Real Kenny Powers?

    John Rocker was once one of the best pitchers in baseball and one of the most disliked people in the game - he's the sort of crass, confrontational character you usually only find on TV.

  • The Real 'Wolf of Wall Street'?

    Dana Giacchetto, a former investment banker who went to jail for misappropriating approximately $9 million, and claims he's the real inspiration for The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • The Real 'Weeds'?

    We tracked down a real-life Nancy Botwin—Dr. Dina, medical weed consultant to stars like Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz.

  • The Real 'True Detective'

    The true story of a Satan-worshipping, child-abusing Louisiana church.

  • The Real Walter White

    Getting to know one of Alabama's most successful meth cooks.