• The Hangover News

    The Earth swallowed up a man in Florida this weekend, but you were probably too drunk to notice.

  • Venezuelan Body Count

    We met up with El Preito, rapper king of Venezuela, to talk about what it's like growing up in one of Caracas's most dangerous slums.

  • Question of the Day - What Rapper Would You Fight?

    A surprising number of people think they'd be able to take Lil Wayne.

  • Stalking Heads: Brooke Candy

    Rapper and stripper Brooke Candy talks hood mentality.

  • Not Another Gay Rapper

    In 1999, Detroit rapper MS-DL picked up a kid at a local nightclub, the Raven Claw, and took him back to his mom’s for the usual Friday-night deal. MS-DL doesn’t know for sure what happened that night—he pretty much blacked out.

  • Gory Days

    My name is Mikkal Morottaja, I'm also known as Amoc and Aanaar master of the ceremony and I'm 21 years old.