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MIXED BY Basic House

The Opal Tapes boss turns in an esoteric journey through house, techno - and Lil Ugly Mane.

As recent years have seen auteuristic labels like L.I.E.S., PAN, Blackest Ever Black and White Material serve as the punk rock upstarts of experimental techno, Stephen Bishop's Opal Tapes label has worked on an increasingly interesting tandem.

At the helm of Opal Tapes, Bishop envelopes a fairly dizzying array of sounds: techno with a fine layer of grit, noodling house melodies that are never quite run straight, DIY without the sanctimony, industrial without the coldness. It's this dichotomy that, as Basic House, he weaves into his contribution to the MIXED BY series.



Coil - Where Are You?

Crawl Unit - You Suffer

Sleaford Mods - Donkey

Famous Moonking - MK4

Basic House - Canon Lo

Pharmakon - Pitted

Wolf Eyes - Burn Your House Down

Ex-Easter Island Head - Mallet Guitars Three Third Movement

Agathe Max - Glaces


Karen Gwyer - Free Food / One Men Striper

Seabat - Deep Ocean Canyon

Matmos - Spondee

Lil Ugly Mane - Uneven Compromise

Basic House will be playing at Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, which runs the weekend of May 30th - 31st.

More information is available here.