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Every Video Game Is a Vibrator If You Believe

Game reviews, but put it up your butt.
Screenshot via Youtube
Screenshot via YouTube

Teledildonics developer Kyle Machulis, aka “qDot,” is launching a new video series. “Will It Buttplug” explores a fairly self-explanatory question: Will this game connect to a vibrating sex toy?

Machulis developed a way to connect sex toys to video games that support controller vibration. Commands that would normally vibrate a controller or gamepad to make a game more immersive, are rerouted to your chosen sex toys and orifices instead.


On his “Buttpluggin' With qDot” YouTube channel Machilus hacks and tears down sex toys. Out of that hobby came, open-source software for controlling Bluetooth-enabled sex toys.

Machulis told me in an email that “Will It Buttplug” harkens back to his first sex tech tinkering project, the SexBox, a “hacky hardware way [for] routing game vibration to sex toys.”

The updated version, the Game Vibration Router, is used in combination with games in his Steam library, such as this very stimulating Rez Infinite playthrough (a fitting tribute since Rez came with a vibrating accessory in 2006) that vibrates connected toys right off the table:

Machulis told me the ‘Will It Buttplug?’ series recontextualizing game mechanics as sex toy controls, reviewing games based on their haptic properties, instead of other elements like graphics or story.

“It concentrates on an aspect of gaming most people consider tertiary at best, but also makes it fun because instead of just rating gamepad vibration, we send it to sex toys, which adds some extra context,” he said.

Context being, it goes in your butt.

Future game reviews will include the already-suggestive and abstract orgasmic game Luxuria Superbia, and an old skee-ball setup that Machulis has in his garage, “because why not.”